Finding the best hardwood floors for your home

If you're looking for elegant appearances, extensive lifespans, and fantastic versatility, hardwood floors are a great place to start. These floors offer so much more than you might imagine at first glance that it can be worth taking a few moments to find out more. That’s what we're going to do right now.

Find out how you can personalize these floors to your décor and lifestyle. But don't forget the many benefits that also come with the material and its proper placement. If you've never experienced these materials in your home time, now is a great time to start.

Let’s look at hardwood floors

Solid wood flooring is a great option for any above-grade space and offers impeccable durability, lifespan, and character. You'll choose a species, a stain color, and a finish that meets your requirements, with extensive options available in each. It can be important to note that choosing site-finished materials will give you more stain color options, but prefinished wood brings a quicker installation time. If you have below-grade spaces that require wood flooring, it could be very beneficial to consider engineered wood floors. These are authentic wood floors, thanks to a veneer of real wood on top of layers of plywood, but they offer many benefits that can make it a sure fit for your requirements. They are easy to install, provide excellent durability, and guard against staining, scratching, warping, and cracking, especially in damp, humid conditions where temperatures are apt to change quickly. Both of these floors can be refinished, which helps them reach their extensive lifespans. We know that solid wood can be refinished several times, and engineered flooring can as well, depending on the thickness of the real wood veneer. Once it’s time to replace the flooring, it’s very easy to recycle the materials, especially if only eco-friendly products have been used over their lifespan.

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