The many faces of carpet flooring

Carpet flooring is a trendy floor covering, but it’s much more versatile than many homeowners know. That’s why we’re going to tell you about some of the most popular ways to use this floor covering and how it can be beneficial to you in so many different ways. Now is an excellent time to try this particular floor covering, as it has more benefits than ever before.

This flooring is known for it’s soft underfoot feel, it’s homey elegance, and a remarkable lifespan when properly maintained. That’s why it only makes sense to consider it for many rooms throughout your home. Let’s find out which products are best and why.

Carpet flooring and you

Carpet tiles are a great option in this flooring line, in both residential and commercial settings. They are packed with all the great benefits you expect from the material, they're incredibly easy to install and provide the durability you might not even be used to in this flooring. If the fibers become damaged, there is the added benefit that allows you to replace the damaged piece or pieces instead of the entire room of flooring. Custom area rugs are another way to use carpet remnants or favorite pieces of the flooring. These pieces can be cut into any size or shape to fit your need and then custom bound for a stunning appearance. From there, they can be used to complement your décor and color scheme, and provide outstanding protection when placed beneath heavy pieces of furniture. When choosing a perfect carpet, be sure to consider the fiber type first. Nylon, polyester, olefin, Triexta, and wool are all great choices, but they all also offer varying degrees of protection and benefits. Be sure to speak to one of our flooring professionals to find out which one best suits your lifestyle and traffic levels so you'll reap the full benefit of this floor’s lifespan.

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